A Thank You Goes a Long Way!

Thank you letter As with all small business owners, the pressures of trying to balance the making of a reasonable profit without sacrificing quality of service can be a challenge. We love what we do and when someone takes the time to recognize our efforts, it makes it all worth while! Read the accompanying thank you letter we received from a group of riding buddies who experienced a breakdown far from home.

Fortunately, we were able to assist them and get them back out on the road for their ride and make some new friends as well! Thank you Keith and crew for taking the time to let us know we were able to help you keep your ride an enjoyable experience. Keep safe on your future journies!

Ray & Lisa

Sinister Line of Performance Engine Kits are Launching!

sinister107 sellshtExtensive research and development has gone into our new "Sinister" line of engine performance kits. HSS designed CNC cylinder heads performance matched to the best engine components available allow us to offer our customers repeatable and dyno-test proven horsepower for "feel-it-in-the-seat" performance! Sinister V-Twin packages for 103ci, 107ci, 117ci and 124ci displacements are being unveiled this month in Daytona Beach at the 2015 Biketoberfest bike rally!

Stay tuned as we update our web site that delivers detailed information for each of Sinister Engine packages! Click on the Sinister 107 Proof flyer to enlarge!


Engine Performance

Hulten Speed Sports is very excited to announce that after many years of hand porting, flow bench testing, and perfecting our Stage 2 Harley heads, that we are now offering them in a CNC ported versions. Our dyno-proven designs are now available with the consistency that CNC machining delivers. Packaged with other components and Hulten-designed fuel-injection mapping, our CNC cylinder heads take the guess work out of tuning your V-Twin's powerplant and gets you out on the road.

Multiple performance kits will be released this spring. Engine kits designed for your needs!

 Here's The Proof!

HSS CNC Heads on 107ci Dyno Results

Check out the numbers Ray cranked out of a customer's 2011 Road Glide fitted with Hulten Speed Sports' new custom CNC ported cylinder heads! This 107ci Beast cranked out a whopping 123.19 horsepower with an asphalt ripping 133.08 maximum torque! Click on the Dyno Chart above for an enlarged view! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and place your order and walk the walk!

Hulten Designed CNC Cylinder Heads

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