Why Dyno Tune?

11roadglide ondynoPeople ask why should I have my bike dynoed ? The correct response is, "to make sure it is running to its peak performance." We then hear, "well it runs fine to me," or "it's all stock so it should be fine." The truth is that many motorcycles today are coming from the factory in a very lean state of tune.

Motorcycle manufacturers have very stringent EPA guidelines to abide to for emission purposes. To comply with EPA Standards, manufacturers are sending these motorcycles out of the factory with a very lean air/fuel ratio which will cause the bike to run hotter than normal and may create premature wear and tear on many internal engine components. This is especially true with air cooled v-twin motors.

The only way to know if the air/fuel ratio is correct for your bike is to put it on a dyno and run it under a controlled load while monitoring the air/fuel ratio. People also add performance exhaust systems, big volume air cleaners, and other performance enhancers. They then install a fuel programmer with some generic fuel curve mapping that was created on a dyno in another state where the elevation, humidity, air density, fuel quality are all completely different from where you ride your bike.

At HULTEN SPEED SPORTS we have invested in the state-of-the art DYNOJET 250ixeddy current brake dyno to be able to tune your bike for the best fuel economy at cruise speeds and the best performance when you want it to get up and go. With our DynoJet not only can we tune your motorcycle to its peak performance, but it is also doubles as a diagnostic tool. We use our dyno to simulate road conditions while monitoring many different functions at the same time in the safety of our dyno room. We are able to monitor air/fuel ratios, ignition systems and any sort of driveline issues such as clutch slippage, belt, chain or shaft drive problems. These are symptoms that are almost impossible to diagnose while driving down the road.


HULTEN SPEED SPORTS is now offering a bargain priced "Dyno EVALUATION" of your motorcycle where we will perform a series of tests in which we will print off the results and review with you areas of your bike's performance which need attention or could benefit from some Dyno-tuning session.

HULTEN SPEED SPORTS is a Dynojet Approved Tuning Center and Tuning Link authorized. HSS is also a full service motorcycle repair and performance facility; check us out for the best prices on tires, exhaust systems and other performance parts and accessories. Visit us online at  HULTEN SPEED SPORTS on FACEBOOK.

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