Harley Davidson Engine Machine Shop Coming: Summer 2014!

April 2014 - We are excited to be announcing that Hulten Speed Sports will be adding engine machine shop services this summer! The new machine shop will allow Ray to provide cylinder decking and case boring machining in addition to the rest of our performance package services.

Currently Available Services Now Provided at HSS:

  • Cylinder head porting & polishing
  • Oversized Valves
  • Flow Bench Testing
  • Cylinder Boring & Honing
  • Timken Bearing conversions
  • True & Weld Crankshafts
  • Cylinder Head Decking

This new machining capability coupled with our DynoJet tuning dyno will enable Hulten Speed Sports to deliver "proven" power packages, not just inflated claims. Make sure you contact us to discuss your performance needs for your ride this summer!


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