Screamin Eagle vs HSS? It's a No Brainer!

S.Eagle 120 versus HSS 107


What else would you be able to do with an additional $6,000? Well, if you went with a Hulten Speed Sports optimized 107ci powerplant versus a 120ci Screamin Eagle kit from an area H-D dealership, we bet you could think of a whole heck'uva lot of other things that 6 grand could buy!

Chassis Dyno Tuning

Looking to get the most performance out of your motorcycle? The best way is to Dyno Tune it! Hulten Speed Sports has invested in the latest technology with our new Dynojet 250ix eddy current load control dyno and our Superflow SF120 flow bench with flow com.

Trike Chassis Dyno TuningPerformance Services Provided but not limited to:

  • Dynojet Rolling Road
  • Dynojet Installations
  • Carburetor Set-ups
  • Fuel Injection Re-Mapping and adjustments
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Porting/Flow Work
  • Valve Seat cutting/Valve Guide Installations
  • Big Valve Seats Installations
  • Harley Twin-Cam Timken Bearing Conversions
  • Dyno Testing for Competition Engines

Dyno Testing Sessions
We offer professional dyno testing facilities to race teams and individuals. Confidentiality of set-ups and results are always observed. Contact us at 518.568.7669 to schedule a Dyno-session.

**Bikes must have a full tank of gas when brought in for tune or a $50 surcharge will be added to the bill**



dyno_controllerWe offer data logging facilities to record conditions and results obtained in the dyno cell.

*Data logging is priced subject to requirements.

Flow Bench Testing

flowbenchYour cylinders and heads are just components of an extravagant air pump that creates buttloads of power when tuned by the hands of the professionals.

Our Superflow SF-120 flow bench aids in creating flow characteristics of cylinder heads and jugs to your chosen powerband. Gains in flow numbers from intake to exhaust can be measured precisely with our Superflow bench system.


Power Vision Certified Tuning Center
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