Screamin Eagle vs HSS? It's a No Brainer!

S.Eagle 120 versus HSS 107


What else would you be able to do with an additional $6,000? Well, if you went with a Hulten Speed Sports optimized 107ci powerplant versus a 120ci Screamin Eagle kit from an area H-D dealership, we bet you could think of a whole heck'uva lot of other things that 6 grand could buy!


For 6Gs less, our HSS-built 107ci V-twin out-powered and out-pulled a customer's big bore 120ci, Screamin Eagle equipped motor. This Dyno sheet says it all! The numbers don't lie, Click on the Dynosheet photo to view an enlarged Jpeg image of the results. Unless you're the type who loves to brag about how much money you spent, most riders perfer to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to investing in horsepower. Especially when that buck out-performs the cubic dollar motor! Stop in today and let Hulten Speed Sports show you how we can put some punch into your performance package!


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